Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about selling your home? Take a look through our list of frequently asked questions call 0800 019 9178 or chat live to ask one of our expert advisors today.

Yes we can. We understand that it is a delicate situation and lots of people want to sell the property as quickly as possible, we can take the hassle off you, get in touch on 0800 1077 939

Yes, a large percentage of chains do break, as we can exchange in 24 to 48hrs, we are able to help, get in touch on 0800 1077 939 or via our Enquiry form on our ‘Contact us’ Page.

Yes we can. Fill in the Enquiry form on our ‘Contact us’ Page and we will get back to you quickly. Everyone on our team uses smartphones with WhatsApp and other apps to make communication overseas smooth, We will also call you abroad if you prefer!

Absolutely nothing and there is no catch, everything is included in our offer. We will pay all of your legal costs

We buy land, commercial & residential properties

Yes we can. We have helped dozens of people and stopped the repossession, even if the eviction is the next day! The key is to understand at which stage of the repossession you are at, then we can get involved accordingly to solve the issue. If you are being repossessed, quickly call us on 0800 1077 939

No problem. We buy properties in any condition

Yes you can. Once we have had a conversation, we can assess the best solution for you, our priority is then to make this work for you!

For houses (Freehold) we can exchange in 24 hours of received the sale contract from your solicitor; we can complete shortly after.
For flats (Leasehold), we can exchange in 48 hours of received the sale contract with the management pack from your solicitor; we can complete shortly after.
Once you have secured the sale with us via exchange, we can complete when it suits you.

We do not have a simple answer for your question as it will depend on many factors (type of property, location, condition, market in the area, supply, demand …). For a quick cash purchase, we usually pay 75% to 80% of the open market value. However, there are many situations where we can pay up to the market value. Call us on 0800 1077 939 for further information

Yes we do. We are a London based company with 3 offices within the M25. So Naturally, our focus and expertise is in London and the South East of England but we will consider any property in England and Wales.

No problem. Whatever your circumstances we can help find a solution for you. Call us on 0800 1077 939 as soon as possible

Call our 24 hours free phone number 0800 1077 939 or fill in the Enquiry form on our ‘Contact us’ Page and we will get back to you very quickly.

Ms Hasselmere

"They paid off my arrears and even paid my mortgage until I had sold the property to them. I was in such a mess financially, all my own doing, and even thought about giving it away! Quick Property Sale didn't pressure me one bit and even advised me in using different Estate Agents but i decided in the long run... Read more

Khulud Halaby

"I would highly recommend QPS to anyone wanting a quick hassle free sale of their property. The service provided to me was extremely efficient, fast and perfectly smooth. Special thanks to Tim who promised me a completion of sale within 7 days, and true to his word, that was exactly what happened. It's so refreshing to come across decent trustworthy... Read more