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About us

Meet the QPS Family

‘Quick Property Sale’ is the number one cash property buyer.

Prab Paul

After Sales Team

An integral part of the business which supports our customers in helping them find their next property whether its to rent or buy along with assisting them in the move.

Thierry Lemaire

Thierry Lemaire

Operations & Progression Team

The glue that keeps everything working efficiently, This team makes sure we meet the timescales and requests asked by each customer.

Tim Hodges

Home Buying Team

The team have over 10 years of experience in speaking with home-owners and providing the right solutions for them.

Alex Vesco

Research Team

An experienced team who carry out due diligence on each property and its location in-order for us to present the right offer.

Nicola Snowball

Nicola Snowball

Home Buying Team

The team have over 10 years of experience in speaking with home-owners and providing the right solutions for them.

Since we started in 2005 as a small family business, we’ve helped hundreds of customers

throughout the UK sell their house fast. 

There are a number factors that separate us from our competitors. 

Firstly, we are truly driven by making a difference which means we genuinely care

about finding solutions for our clients.

Secondly, integrity forms the foundation of our business and indeed our lives.

From our head office in South-West London we aim to provide a fast, efficient

and professional property buying service with the main purpose of listening to our clients’ needs.  

Three of the directors have been involved in helping people with their property challenges for over ten years. 

Our team has now grown to 8 people, allowing us to offer you a complete solution that is tailored to your needs.

Oh BTW! Why do we do what we do?

We are not ‘just’ a property buying company, check out what our Foundation does. . .

Driven by our deeply rooted personal belief system to help others, the QPS Foundation was formed to allow us to translate our passion for making a difference to impact children’s lives positively. 

For example, our Foundation, in partnership with ‘Chess In Schools’ charity empowers around 600 children in four SW London primary schools, in one of the poorest communities, through personal development.

We are not ‘just’ a property buying company, we are committed to building a better future. 

For every house or flat we buy, our Foundation increases its positive impact on children with the goal of working with every primary school in the UK which means every child will have access to personal development.

If you have a local school that you think would benefit from our Foundation please get in touch with Tim at


Children are Our Future!


Helping Hand Service

Helping You From The Inside Out. QPS is a company motivated by making a difference.

We are aware that you may be going through a challenging time and that’s why you need to sell your property fast. 

We are also aware that you may be anxious about your situation.
Via our helping hand service we are here to help you through that. Our fully trained staff will listen to your concerns and help you get from where you are to where you would like to be.

We will direct you to our professional partner organisations that will not only help you get through your current situation but they will be available to help you beyond that too. Whether it means connecting you with a life coach or a personal development organisation we will find the correct route for you.

Call our Helping Hand Service - 0203 7977 408

What our Clients say about us . . .


4.8/5 Excellent

Ms Hasselmere
~ Financially Distressed Case ~

“They paid off my arrears and even paid my mortgage until I had sold the property to them. I was in such a mess financially, all my own doing, and even thought about giving it away! I think the sale went through in 10 days which was a bit too quick as I had to find another property to rent. When you get a service that goes the extra mile it feels good that you haven’t totally thrown everything away. They helped me find a property to rent and paid for my removals so I can’t thank them enough and will definitely recommend them. Thanks again."