Simon Evans & Marian Allcott

“Just a quick note from both of us to thank you and your organisation for the efficient and speedy transfer of ownership of our home. As I write this from the comfortable confines of our new apartment, I am marvelling not only at the remarkable view and fine location, but also at the consummate ease with which you were able to steer us through the convoluted course of the sale.

One hears so many tales of angst and woe regarding the: “…second most stressful thing most peole do in their lives”, but we can honestly say we never felt stressed or angst-ridden at any point during the sale, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and assistance during the whole process.

Both Marian and I appreciate that our particular circumstances were hardly ‘average’ yet QPS were able to make the whole process so ‘matter-of-fact’ that we are left wondering what others do to make things so complicated – although in retrospect we rather suspect that, like the swan gliding serenely across the pond, underneath the little QPS ‘legs’ must have been paddling like crazy!

We would not hesitate to recommend your services to other potential customers, and indeed have already recommended you to our ex-neighbour, so confident are we that QPS are a solution to the needs of many who might find themselves in a similar situation. As a man who understands the nature of real customer service I hope you may find this unsolicited endorsement of your service to be useful with other potential customers both now, and in the near future”.

With grateful thanks.